Tuesday, 26 August 2014


My second stop in Riviera Ligure was Monterosso, the largest village of Cinque Terre, that is located in the center of a small natural bay, protected by an artificial reef. The village is composed of two settlements: the most touristic area in the west, Fegina, where there are the train station and the beach clubs, and the oldest area, Monterosso, where  are located some important buildings such as the 14th century church of San Giovanni Battista. I was so happy to be back there after so many years and see how Monterosso is still beautiful, especially after the tragic flood of 2011.

Topshop cami top, APC denim mini skirt, Balenciaga sandals.

Thursday, 21 August 2014


After spending a week in Versilia at my parent's house, I left for Riviera Ligura, and my first stop was Portovenere, a little nice town located on a peninsula in the Poet's Gulf (Byron and Shelly used to live there for some years). The name of the village was derived from a temple dedicated to the goddess Venere, located exactly in the place where now stands San Pietro church. The name was probably related to the fact that, according to the tradition, the goddess was born from the foam of the sea, just below the promontory. Unfortunately the weather was a little cloudy, but I was still able to enjoy these beautiful place, especially the Byron Grotto, at the spur of a rock, where the poet drew inspiration for his literary works.

Topshop top, Levi's vintage shorts, Castaner wedge espadrillas.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Off to the raches

I really love summer and all that comes with it. Having breakfast in bed with fresh berries, granola and greek yogurt. Having relax and reading book from Fran├žoise Sagan and Fitzgerald while the sun light enter from the window. Colorful liberty architectures all around me. Spending time outdoors for several hours, bathing in the crystal salter water of the sea until the sun sets and the evening eventually starts to get chilly.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Winds of the old days

Beside dresses and skirts, my summer uniform often consist in my Levi's denim shorts and a t-shirt or a top. This one is a vintage treasure from Alberta Ferretti that I have found in my mum's closet. I really like the red bright color and the fact that it's sleeveless and its style aldo reminds me the ones used by Brigitte Bardot in the 70's. Yesterday I paired the top with the Valentino rock stud sandals and the Vavavoom red bag to go around Viareggio in the area near the harbor to buy some stuffs at the local farmer market.

Alberta Ferretti vintage top, Levi's shorts, Valentino sandals and bag.